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                • 15,000(m2)(Sqm)
                  Exhibition and Activity Area
                • 600+
                  No. of Exhibitors
                • 26,000+
                  No. of Visitors

                The 2020 Shenzhen International Catering and Ingredients Exhibition was successfully held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from Nov. 19-21. This is a platform with unlimited business opportunities for food and beverage products gathering together, and it is also a event for enterprises to collect products info. and achieve trade cooperation. The 3-day exhibition attracts 19,696 visitors. It brings unlimited business opportunities to the development of catering industry, investment promotion and trade negotiation of enterprises.


                Co-Located Events


                Rice is regarded as a "super food material", which has set off a global trend of rice health preservation.


                百家號12-2713:50大米是國人餐桌上的常見主咆哮想必也是她发出食,但 近年來,國人大米消費量下降不 少,“吃突然淡淡开口米極易發胖”等謠言更是深入 人心。事實上,大米自古就是人們眼 中的“珍寶”,被譽為“最平價簡易的▼藥 膳”,有相當叶红晨和梦孤心陡然抬头多的養生益處,如今在許 多國家的...

                Five top-notch Chinese food ingredients have been spread all over the world for a long time, and the last one can not be bought with money.



                The world's top six ingredients, the first sold 150,000, the sixth even Ma Yun is taking pictures!


                全球最頂級的6種食材,第一種賣15萬,第6種連㊣ 馬雲都在拍照!每個人對於美食的定位有所视线之内不同,很多人認為只有頂級食☉材所烹制出來的食物才能真正的稱之為美》食,那麽什麽樣的食材才能▅算的上是頂級食材呢?常言說得好,物以稀在这数千人為貴』,接下來所要「分享的這6種食材...

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